Commercial Cleaning Tips – How Often Should Restrooms Be Cleaned?

Commercial cleaning tips on restrooms start with how often restrooms should be cleaned. The tip is that it depends on how many people are sharing the restrooms. Part of any commercial cleaning company’s services should include cleaning restrooms. So when talking with a company about how often should you have it done, keep in mind that a clean bathroom will not only help with improving employee morale and productivity, because its the place where many germs are transmitted from one person to another, but also that it can improve your customers’ opinions of your building and your business if it is kept clean.

Commercial Cleaning Tips - How Often Should Restrooms Be Cleaned?Most people clean their home bathrooms about once a week. The “heavy” scrub out the toilet and tub kind of cleaning and scrub the floor as well. While doing things like rinsing the sink, squeegee the shower walls every few days works to keep it looking good. That is ok for the amount of use your home bath will receive. Your office restroom gets quite a bit more use. Depending on the number of people in your office, or on your floor in the case of a shared restroom, the restrooms may need to be cleaned once a day or even twice daily.

Typical office restrooms have bacteria like staphylococcus, streptococcus and E.coli, cold and flu viruses, HIV, hepatitis and even the worst super bug of them all methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). These bugs aren’t just found on the toilets where you would expect. Toilets aerosolize water with every flush, so each time you flush the toilet you send an invisible six foot plume of bacteria that lands on all exposed surfaces. Most public restrooms don’t have toilets with a lid, so there is no way to avoid getting germs on every surface of the bathroom. The more people that use the restroom, the more often toilets are flushed, the more bacteria that is sent all over.

So when you talk to your commercial cleaning company about how often you need the restrooms cleaned, keep in mind how many people use it. When your bathroom is clean, your employees and customers are kept healthier and they feel better about your business.


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  1. I think that public toilets should be checked every 3-4 hours

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