Shopping Mall Cleaning – How Do You Keep Such a Large Area Clean?

Shopping mall cleaning is an interesting topic. There are many individual stores and kiosks that may have cleaning systems in place. However, there are large common areas that need attention.

Shopping Mall Cleaning - How Do You Keep Such a Large Area Clean?Shopping malls… they are everywhere and are usually BIG! And busy. Depending on the time of year, malls can be chock full of people. Touching everything, sneezing, coughing, eating, and using restrooms. Ok, now how do you keep an area as big as a shopping mall clean? Hire a pro to do it.

In any shopping mall you have large common areas. Cleaning of the stores inside the mall is usually the responsibility of the tenant. But what about the hallways, walkways, bathrooms and food courts? No matter where you are, germs are there. Public places are full of bacteria like staphylococcus, streptococcus and E.coli, cold and flu viruses, HIV, hepatitis and even the worst super bug of them all methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Now let’s think about all the things that people touch in shopping malls: doors, handles, ATM machines, elevator buttons, escalator hand rails, chairs or seats, table tops, public bathrooms, all of these are found in your local mall as part of the large common areas.

Who does shopping mall cleaning? Of course the mall management company can hire from within, but who needs those employment related costs? A commercial cleaning company can provide staff to clean during the hours the mall is closed, and provide a day porter service to keep the common areas clean while the mall is open.

In their cleaning and polishing duties, a commercial cleaning company provided day porter will wipe up things like doors, buttons and elevators where people touch and spread germs. A day porter may also have other responsibilities to perform as well. They often include cleaning bathrooms; replenishing paper supplies; keeping hallways and lobbies clean; keeping the exterior of a building maintained; and making sure high-traffic areas are free of safety hazards. Just what you need in a mall.

As a mall manager or owner, make your life easier by contracting out the cleaning duties to professionals who will do it right for you. Millennium Commercial Cleaning services shopping malls in Miami, Orlando and Tampa Bay. Call us today to for a free quote! (813) 925-3565

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